Mission Statement:

The mission of the Limestone Township Fire Protection District is to protect our residents from fire, in our homes, our schools, our places of worship, and our businesses. This mission is accomplished through a belief in education and training, which will allow our personnel to continually improve the method and manner of the quality of services we provide.


The LTFPD is proud to announce a partnership with the Romeoville Fire Academy. Be sure to check out the Training Division page for further information on upcoming classes.

We are accepting applications for paid on call personnel.  

Applications are available at the fire station 8am-4pm.

Second Alarm Fire Photography

Second Alarm Fire Photography is a company that specializes in fire photography. Our services range from group shots and individual firefighter shoots to training sessions and equipment photos. Our education and experience in photography and editing allows us to create one-of-a-kind photographs that honor the fire departments and the men and women that work for them.

Please follow the link below to view all photos from our photographer, Johna Bradley.





The Limestone Township Fire Protection District was established in January 1951 after a group of concerned citizens met to discuss fire protection deficits in the unincorporated areas west of the City of Kankakee. The initial group consisted of 40 volunteers that responded out of a garage at the township hall in a 1951 Ford fire engine. In the first year, the LTFPD responded to approximately 30 calls. Today, the LTFPD is a combination agency that responds to approximately 700 calls annually. A majority of the district consists of residential subdivisions. However, also included in the district are a large elementary school, several preschools, light industrial complexes, several small businesses, a massive stone quarry, and approximately 12 square miles of the Kankakee State Park and an 8 mile stretch of the Kankakee River.


Limestone Township

Fire Protection District

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